Course Specification:

  • Total time:800 – 850 minutes
  • Course Level:0123456
  • Language:Korean
  • Exam:No
TOPIK 2 Advanced Actual Practice consist from parts of Vocabulary & Grammar (1~8) / Writing (9~15) / Reading (16~22) / Listening (23~27) 1)TOPIK Advanced lecture is consist of each part of the TOPIK exam. 2) TOPIK Advanced lecture is focus on explaining advanced vocabulary, grammar, writing, listening, reading. 3) TOPIK Advanced lecture analyzes previous TOPIK questions for preparing upcoming TOPIK test. 4) TOPIK Advanced lecture suggest you how to approach each questions and finally solve it.

Actual Practice Aim

- aims to enable learners to acquire all the TOPIK questions. - gives detailed explanation of grammar items. - develops learners’ ability to create sentences using target vocabulary and grammar. - features integration of vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading and writing in advanced level.

TOPIK 2 Advanced Actual Practice

Course Materials


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